Process & Pricing

Custom Engraving


The first thing is to establish what you want to engrave on. Wood projects are quickest and have the most versatility. Engraving on water bottles and glass can take much longer. Products must also fit in the engraver, typically 20"x20" is the biggest, but adjustments can be made.


Design can be overwhelming at times because of the variety that is presented. We are here to help you through this process. We will discuss the options and listen to what you are looking for. CLEAR P&I will provide you with design options until you are satisfied and ready to proceed.


Once a design and product is decided upon. We will begin the engraving process. This can be as small as 30 minutes for small projects or can take many hours for large projects with a lot of engraving. Pricing options are below.Click here and start typing.

Pricing Breakdown

Product Pricing

Product pricing may vary significantly based upon customer selection. For example, various wood products can range based on linear footage and product.


Design Services

The first hour of design services are included in the process. If there are multiple designs or it extends beyond an hour, and hourly charge will occur.



Engraving is charged by the minute.